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Midair Models history goes back to 1972 when the first model Hot Air Balloons were made and flown.  Making Model Aircraft using Expanded Polystyrene Foam as a prime material goes back to 1988, and soon after that our now popular workshops helping the public to Make, Decorate and Fly the models, commenced.

Since then  we have made over 40,000 model aircraft and due to their lightweight construction, All have flown!
Providers of Modelling and Model Flying Fun to Boys and Girls of ages 6 to 106 Years !

Midair Models, is Not a Trading Company, but is a group of Friends interested in model flying and headed up by Steve Midson, who make the kits and staff workshops helping the public to make, decorate, and enjoy modelling.

Whilst we charge for the kits, we do not make a profit, but hope to cover our costs of attending an event – though often we do not.

It is known that some manufacturers spend more money on their packaging than on the contents. Midair Models kits are intentionally simply packed, sealed into polythene bags to give the best value for money.

Please have a look at our catalogue by using the menus at the top of the page.

When you are ready to purchase a kit, or would like us to attend an event, then please give us a call (or email) us to ensure we are providing the best for your needs.

Midair Models    
79 Alric Avenue, New Malden Surrey. KT3 4JP
Telephone : 020 8942 5000
Email : [email protected]