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This Range of models Uses Precut Polystyrene Foam Hull Cores for easy construction.

As Non Waterproof materials and glue are used,  they are Waterline Models Only, and should Not be Floated!!

” Chuffer ”  

12 Centimetres Long, Cargo Vessel,

Quickly and Easily Made

Kit Price :    £2.00


A typical Lug Sail Rigged Fishing Vessel.

12 Centimetre long Hull. Requires a little patience waiting for the glue to dry !

Kit Price :    £ 2.50


Fly Bridge Fast Cruiser.

Slightly more advanced model,

16 centimetres long.

Kit Price :    £ 3.00

Dolphin Dinghy

For those with more patience,

12 Centimetres long   Kit Price :    £ 3.00