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Delta II Glider – for Public Workshop

These 18 cm span, lightweight gliders have been developed for Rapid Making, Decorating and then Flying, by the Public, and young persons typically 6 – 8 years.

Double sided sticky tape is use for instant fixing.

Price at Workshop £ 2.50.

Delta III Glider Kit or Workshop:  This 18 cm span Delta Glider, though small, is a real aeroplane and can be trimmed to make turns, loops, or long straight flights.

The maker has to assemble and glue this model together themselves and hence it is used  for 8 years and above

It also teaches the construction and flying techniques used in all other Midair Models.

To make in a Midair Workshop         £2.50.

Kit to Take Home  with Instructions and Decorations for You to Colour. £ 2.50 each.

“Group Packs” - sets parts with instructions can also be supplied for people to lead their own workshop. Note you will be required to provide sufficient scissors, pva glue and colouring items. Please ask for “Group Pack” Costs.

Swift : Our simplest rubber powered, Propeller driven model

with a fantastic flight performance.

Very easy and quickly made, for girls and boys 10 years plus. 28 cm Span.

Model Often Used with Group Workshops

Kit Price :    £ 4.50 each.

Gannet :  

Follow on model from the Swift, or you can start with this simply made model

which looks like a real aircraft. Can be decorated as a military or light private aircraft.

Can be made in group workshops.

Kit Price :     £ 5.50 each.

“Wheelie” :    Better looking than the “Kestral” model it replaces.

Can be decorated as a military or light private aircraft.

Will take off from the ground, and land.

Easy construction design, and great flier

32 cm Span

Kit Price :    £ 6.50 each.

Tradfly :  A more advanced model, my favourite, and a steady flier. Can be made as a pylon model, or a cabin design. 40 cm span.

Kit Price :    £ 8.00 each.

Please note: due to low demand, the Midge and Mossie Models are No Longer available.

Midair Models, 79 Alric Avenue, New Malden Surrey. KT3 4JP. Telephone : 020 8942 5000 Email : [email protected]

White Hawk : Similar construction difficulty to the Spitfly, this hand launched or catapulted Glider has the same shape as a Red Arrows Hawk, But it is white !

Can be painted with well thinned acrylic paints if you want to colour it Red !

Decorations provided to colour and stick on.

Kit Price :    £ 3.50 each.

Spitfly Glider :   More complicated to make than the Delta III this is the next stage glider model.

The 28 cm span model has similar outlines to a Spitfire, But is Not a Scale Model.

Kit includes decorations for you to colour and stick on. Note the foam is white, use well thinned acrylic paints if you want to colour all over.

Kit Price :    £ 3.50 each

Revised August 2017

NOTE that whilst most models are held in stock some kits are made to order and despatch could be delayed by several days – please telephone to discuss if you have a time limit.

These light weight models are for flying indoors, or outdoors in calm conditions.